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To pursue postdoctoral research in the Project, you may contact the relevant faculty member directly or apply for a Molecular Programming Project Postdoctoral Fellowship. Funding decisions will typically be made in the spring of each year.

Graduate students may be interested in applying to different graduate programs depending on their background and interest. At Caltech, this would include (but not exclusively), Bioengineering, Computer Science, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Control and Dynamical Systems, Computation and Neural Systems, and Electrical Engineering. At UW, this would include Electrical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Computer Science and Engineering. At Harvard, this would include Systems Biology, Biophysics, Chemistry, and Computer Science. At UCSF, this would include Biophysics, Bioengineering, and Bioinformatics. In your research statement, be sure to clearly state your interest in the MPP and particular faculty.

Undergraduate students may be interested in summer research projects. At Caltech, opportunities abound in SURF and MURF programs. At UW, the place to start is the URP. At Harvard, the place to start is PRISE or SHURP. At UCSF, the place to start is here. You are strongly encouraged to consider joining an iGEM or BIOMOD summer research competition team!

Talented high school students are also encouraged to contact faculty directly.

More information can be found on the MPP Wiki.

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